DCL loading spout positioners increase speed and efficiency in any loading operation.  They are used in conjunction with our standard duty loading spouts at truck and railcar loadout facilities.

DCL’s exclusive Model HP positioners virtually eliminate the need to re-spot vehicles once they are in the loading station. All HP models are available in vent-thru and non vent-thru styles. The vent-thru style eliminates the need for venting the spout below with cumbersome duct work. Dust is drawn through the spout and positioner and can be vented with typical ductwork to a central dust collector. A DCL model CFM compact filter module can also be mounted directly above the spout positioner to completely eliminate ductwork.

A choice of construction materials offers you durable equipment to handle any type of product: fine, granular, lumpy, abrasive, or corrosive.

Loading Spout Positioners