Barge Loading

Speed, efficient, and dust free loading are common request from barge loadout terminal operators. Hatch cover removal and reset are typical time consumers when loading barges. Depending on the product being loaded we can design your load out for minimal hatch removal while maximizing the capacity.

DCL understands product characteristics and knows how to handle difficult products. Anyone who has dealt with loading Cement, Flyash, or Alumina into a barges knows the product will have a splash effect that can cause dusting. DCL developed a velocity suppressor that will slow the product down before discharge. When dropping product more than 40ft. this is a critical design application. A “Bellhousing” discharge was developed by DCL for additional dust control. This feature provides a secondary barrier that captures the initial impact of product and the secondary generation of dust as the product flows away from the discharge.

Specific design criteria pertaining to variable water heights is no problem for DCL. Whether you’re on a river in the ocean or on the Great Lakes we have the experience and knowledge to provide a flexible solution to your terminal operation. Loading Spout travels with a vertical reach of up to 100’ have been supplied and are in operation.

Combine field proven design with quality components and add controls packages for a dependable and durable terminal operation.