Railcar Loading

Railcar loading has two variable railcars either enclosed tanker or open wagon loading. Each has its own distinct requirements to achieve fast, clean loading. DCL has designed systems to load tankers with offset, slotted, or inline hatches. We have designed open wagon loading systems that involve loading three cars at once or rapid loading systems in which the trains never stops moving. We have the knowledge and experience to provide your complete system.

Each railcar loading system requires specific components to achieve a loading rate and eliminate any dust emissions. We want to design your system from the silo to the railcar. We will provide dust collection, material flow control valves, conveyors, and loading spouts.

We have worked with plastic pellets manufacturers and developed a trimmer that maximizes capacity for each car. We have also worked with others in the industry to provide material spreaders that maximize the amount of grain being loaded in each car. DCL has developed a Loading Spout Positioners that will travel the complete length of the railcar. No need to re-spot the railcar let the filling come to the loading point and maximize your terminal efficiency.

A railcar system isn’t complete without electrical controls. DCL offers fully automated tanker loading or partial controls that will interact with your existing PLC panels.

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