Ship Loading

Demerge cost can be one of the greatest challenges a maritime terminal operator can face. The ability to load fast and dust free can make these costs manageable and save thousands of dollars. Loading rates of 1,600 to 2,000 MTPH is not an uncommon request when loading aggregates, grains or cement. Designing a Loading Spout that can accommodate Panamax ships in a retracted position while being able to reach the bottom of a cargo hold at low tide calls for DCL expertise.

Variable boom designs can put restrictions on how you load. DCL’s capable staff of Design Engineers welcomes the test. The use of double pivot joints can maximize the use of a luffing or slewing boom to reach all cargo areas. Loading Spouts design with swivel trajectory discharges allows the operator to put product in all corners and to top the load off for maximum capacity.

Materials of construction for ship loading spouts are critical. DCL designs for all variables whether corrosive, abrasive, food grade or explosion proof. The use of hardened steel, chromium carbide or stainless is not new to us. In certain areas we have designed using Aluminum to lighten the overall weight while maintaining the structural integrity.

From utilizing a marine grade finish or NEMA 4x standard electrical components to the use of wireless level sensors and 32oz. outer sleeve material you can be assured that DCL products are built to last.

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