Loading and open stock pile in the yard or using a shuttle conveyor in flat bottom storage. DCL has you covered with knowledge based design practices. Inclined conveyors are common in open stockpiling. To prevent dusting a loading Spout is used to control the material discharged from the conveyor and build the open pile. Critical to design in this application is the weight of the loading spout on the end of the conveyor. Correct sizing to handle the conveyor rate and material of construction is crucial in the design.

DCL’s model “TS” (Telescoping Stacker) has been used in many applications. Whether you want stainless, hardened steel or mild steel we can help with advise. DCL was the first producer of a Loading Spout using Tivar tubes for gypsum applications. The Tivar eliminated material build up and help prevent tubes from sticking together. Finding solutions to particular material applications is our best attribute. Contact us with your application challenge.

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