Truck Loading

There are two major variables to truck loading, open and enclosed. The choice between the two is determined by what product you’re loading and what type of truck. For example loading a tanker truck with cement varies from loading aggregates into a gravel train truck. The enclosed tanker already has a contained area and it’s a matter of removing air inside the tanker that is displaced by the product being loaded. With an open style truck the Loading Spout must create its own containment. This is done by using a barrier skirt at the discharge of the Loading Spout. You must still remove the displaced air but the discharge skirt is a much smaller area than the inside of a tanker.

Providing a loading system to meet your needs encompasses moving product from your storage area (silo, dome, flat bottom storage) to the truck. A series of flow aids for your storage can be provided by DCL with our Fluidized Bin bottom or Fluidized Air Pads. The next critical component is the control valves. Whether it is maintenance, complete on/off, or portioning flow control we offer the complete line. Should you need to divert flow we also offer diverters and triverters. Actual conveying of material can be done with Air gravity conveyors (airslide) for powders or drag, screw or belt conveyors for other materials. DCL manufactures the Air Gravity conveyors but for other choices we have close partnerships with manufactures in the industry. Loading systems require dust control. Achieved by In-line collectors (CFM – compact filter modules) or bag house style collectors. Both offered and produced by DCL. Loading Spout Positioners provide flexibility and efficiency to your load out system. The Positioner moves the Loading Spout into the operators’ desired location. This works well to improve the speed of the operation by eliminating the need to re-spot the truck under the spout. The final component is the Loading Spout. This component bridges the distance between the conveyor discharge and the vehicle being loaded. The Loading Spout is where DCL expertise really shines. As the largest supplier of Loading Spouts in North America we have created a reputation of knowing application and designing systems to accommodate the toughest challenges. Each terminal is unique in its layout, functionality, and product being loaded. Low height, multiple sizes of vehicles, and hatch location of vehicles require a supplier that understands what it takes to meet you goals. Remember DCL offers full controls of load out systems and can offer any degree of automation you desire. Ask about our SmartLoader and learn ways you can outperform your competitors.

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